Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I'm Proud to Work for Bath Fitter of Pittsburgh

As a part of my job at Bath Fitter, I had an opportunity to visit hundreds of our customers at their homes this year.  These were not sales calls - these visits were solely for the purpose of learning more about our customers and how they felt about our products.  

I was initially surprised at how well-received my visits were.  Usually, when calling on a person at home and asking for time out of his or her day for an unsolicited visit, the course can understandably run uphill.  That's what I was expecting, but what I found is that Bath Fitter customers were generally very willing to have me come to their home to discuss the work they had done.  Most were actually very appreciative that Bath Fitter would proactively seek their input and take the time to visit.

As I met more and more customers, I became increasingly proud to work for such a great company.  I was told stories of how great their installers were, always clean in their work and courteous.  Some talked about the salespeople, and how knowledgeable they were - a few that were interested in having more work done by Bath Fitter specifically requested the same salesperson as before.  Some that had encountered minor issues raved about the promptness in which the issue was corrected - at no additional charge.  They found it refreshing, if not surprising, that the lifetime warranty on their Bath Fitter installations was real - there was no catch.  No remodeling company stands behind its work more completely than Bath Fitter.  

My job with the company has since changed, but my pride in representing Bath Fitter of Pittsburgh each and every day hasn't.  I'm here to say that it's true - if you are thinking or remodeling your bathroom, you are cheating yourself if you don't call Bath Fitter.

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